RegFree COM / Using OCX Files with SxS Technology in VB6

This blog post serve’s as Chilkat’s bookmark/reminder to this tutorial:

It shows how to use the Chilkat ActiveX DLL with a VB6 application in such a way that the DLL can be located (side-by-side) with the .exe and no Windows registration is necessary.

It requires a manifest XML file, which can be downloaded here:

I haven’t actually stepped through the tutorial to accomplish the task, but other customers have:

Thank you very much for the Manifest file. This seems to solve the problem. I used this tutorial to reference your ActiveX DLL in my VB6 project with your Manifest file :
It seems to work perfectly.

One Note: An OCX is a DLL based upon the COM (Component Object Model) technology and is often referred to as ActiveX control. In general, a DLL can be based upon any number of technologies, including COM, .NET, standard Windows libraries, etc.

The Chilkat ActiveX DLL *is* an OCX. Sometimes you’ll see the .ocx file extension used instead of .dll. The Chilkat ActiveX DLL uses the “.dll” file extension.