Using PeerBlock can Interfere with REST API’s running on AWS Lambda

A Chilkat customer uses Chilkat HTTP to send REST API requests to a popular IP Geolocation service.   The REST API requests worked a few times, but then started failing with this error information in Http.LastErrorText:

ConnectFailReason: Connection rejected 
A few possible causes for a connection being rejected are: 
- A firewall (software or hardware), such as Windows Firewall, is blocking the connection . 
- Nothing is listening at the remote host:port 

The error message actually describes the cause for the failure. The customer was running PeerBlock and the IP geolocation service runs on AWS Lambda:

“This is probably happening because our service runs on AWS Lambda and is therefore served from many different IP addresses. It’s possible some of those IP addresses from Amazon had been blocked by Peerblock for malicious use by their previous owner.”