v9.5.0.54 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Email: Fixed: Setting the Email.From property *after* setting the Email.BounceAddress property would have the side-effect of overwriting the BounceAddress property.
  • SFTP: Fixed rarely encountered flow problems with a particular SSH server.
  • Zip: Fixed: Error in rewriting a ZIP64 zip (larger then 4GB or having more than 65536 files). There was an error when a large zip was opened, potentially modified, and rewritten.
  • Mono: Mono DLL on Windows fixed to use stdcall calling convention instead of cdecl.
  • PureBasic: Fixed the Windows 32-bit problem (which had to do with stdcall vs. cdecl calling conventions.
  • Mono: Added instructions for using Mono in Visual Studio here: Using Mono in Visual Studio
  • IMAP: Fixed minor problems in parsing BODYSTRUCTUREs from certain IMAP servers for certain emails.
  • HTTP: The SynchronousRequest method was sending “Content-Length: 0” header with GET requests. This should be harmless, but some servers did not react so kindly. The Content-Length header is now suppressed for GET requests sent via SynchronousRequest. (Note: SynchronousRequest is not typically used for GET requests..)
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