Chilkat 17-Dec-2021 — Careful with Network Connections in Garbage Collection Languages

What’s going on with Chilkat support today?

1) Problem report:   My PowerBuilder 10.5 app runs fine, however when I call functions that are using the Chilkat DLL and controls returns to the calling script, the application crashes with the following error:

Exception code: 0xc000041d
Faulting module path: C:\...\pbdwe105.dll

Solution: Before returning to the calling script, tell Powerbuilder to do a GarbageCollection()

2) When writing code in a programming language that uses garbage collection, such as C#, VB.NET, Java, etc.,  always make sure to close network connections when finished with the object.  This applies to Socket, Imap, Ftp2, SFtp, Ssh, MailMan, Http, Rest, etc.   Connections will be terminated when an object is destructed, but objects aren’t destructed until garbage collection.  Therefore, connections can pile up until suddenly the next connection attempt fails to because the process has too many open connections.

3) Fixed a CSV problem with setting the Delimiter.  In the strange situation where the 1st line of the CSV is garbage (i.e. does not contain cell values), AND if the Delimiter property is set to the default delimiter, which is a comma, then Chilkat will neglect to note that your application explicitly set a delimiter.  Thus.. Chilkat will try to auto-choose the delimiter based on the content of the 1st line, and if that line is garbage, then it can choose wrongly.  This is a rare and strange situation, but it is fixed.

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