Chilkat 20-Dec-2021 — Does Chilkat support .NET Standard?

What’s going on with Chilkat support today…

1. Does Chilkat support .NET Standard?  We get this question from time to time.  It’s usually because there’s great confusion about the meaning of .NET Standard vs. .NET Core vs. .NET Framework ( and now .NET 5 and .NET 6).   It’s best to first get a solid, basic understanding of the matter.  I recommend reading this:  .NET Standard vs. .NET Core vs. .NET Framework.

Chilkat provides a library for .NET Core via NuGet at

Chilkat also provides a library for .NET Framework via NuGet at  and at

In both cases Chilkat supports all of the .NET Standard versions because it uses very little of the .NET Standard functions.  In other words, both Chilkat implementations (for .NET Core and .NET Framework) are compatible with .NET Standard 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, … , 2.0, …    Chilkat won’t be using new .NET Standard functions in the future, so it will automatically be compatible with future .NET Standard version releases.

Also, at the date of writing this blog post, the Chilkat .NET Core NuGet package supports the following runtimes:  linux-arm, linux-arm64, linux-musl-x64 (Alpine Linux), linux-x64, osx-arm64 (Mac M1), osx-x64, win-x64, win-x86.     Additional runtimes will be added in the future as needs arise.  (i.e. Ask and ye may receive…)

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