v9.5.0.63 Release Notes

Version is a new version that almost immediately follows v9.5.0.62.   It will only be released for a few programming languages (ActiveX, .NET, Delphi, and Excel).   Chilkat will provide this release in other programming languages / operating system upon request. The reason for releasing is that Chilkat wishes to create Quickbooks REST API examples, and it was discovered that the […]

v9.5.0.62 Release Notes

Added StringTable class.  The StringTable class differs from the StringArray class in that it’s intended to hold a table of strings that is mostly read-only.  The internal storage of all the strings is in a single contiguous block of memory for efficient (minimized) memory storage. Expanded the BinData class by adding new methods and making it available in all programming […]

v9.5.0.61 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

REST: The FullRequestFormUrlEncoded method did not work correctly with AWS authentication.  This was fixed.  (Note: This fix is required for using Amazon SES to send email.) TLS on Big Endian Machines: Fixed TLS connection issue with some cipher suites on Big Endian machines.   There was a particular internal piece of code that did not properly account for the endianness of […]

v9.5.0.60 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

ActiveX, .NET: Fixed problems with the LastMethodSuccess property. Version is a patch for .NET and ActiveX only for this one issue. The Mono builds, .NET Core, and .NET UWP (Windows Runtime) did not have any problem with LastMethodSuccess, and therefore remain at v9.5.0.59. Other languages (C++, Java, Perl, Python, etc.) are also unaffected and therefore remain at v9.5.0.59.

v9.5.0.59 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

OAuth2: Added the OAuth2 class. FTP2: Fixed SyncRemoteTree/SyncRemoteTree2 progress monitoring callbacks. Crypt2: Fixed the GenerateUuid to respect RFC 4122. The GenerateUuid method generates the version 4 variant, which is composed of entirely random data except for the few bits that signify version 4. Compression: Fixed the CompressFile method for large files. See Fixed CompressFile MHT: Fixed: MS-Word html files with […]

v9.5.0.58 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Rest: Added the Rest class. Jwt: Added the Jwt class. AuthAws: Added the AuthAws class. AuthGoogle: Added the AuthGoogle class. AuthAzureAD: Added the AuthAzureAD class. AuthAzureStorage: Added the AuthAzureStorage class. ServerSentEvent: Added the ServerSentEvent class. CertStore: Fixed a memory leak in the LoadPemFile method. Charset: Fixed problems in the VerifyData method having to do with us-ascii and utf-8. C++: Now […]

v9.5.0.56 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Stream: Added a Stream class to be utilized more heavily in the future. StreamConnector: Added the StreamConnector class for .NET to allow for System.IO.Stream’s to be used with Chilkat.Stream. See http://www.example-code.com/csharp/stream_connector_cs.asp Crypt2: Added the EncryptStream and DecryptStream methods. Compression: Added the CompressStream and DecompressStream methods. JSON: Added the JsonObject and JsonArray classes. Zip: Memory leak fixed. Ruby: Added Ruby 2.3 […]

v9.5.0.55 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Crypt2: Added the chacha20 and Poly1305 Message Authentication Code. Crypt2: Added AES GCM encryption. Zip: Fixed a problem with OpenZipAsync where the 1st call would succeed, but subsequent calls would fail. Email: Email.SaveXml did not save BCC recipients. Crypt2 (blowfish): When Chilkat originally implemented blowfish (more than 10 years ago), there was a problem having to do with byte-ordering. The […]

v9.5.0.54 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

Email: Fixed: Setting the Email.From property *after* setting the Email.BounceAddress property would have the side-effect of overwriting the BounceAddress property. SFTP: Fixed rarely encountered flow problems with a particular SSH server. Zip: Fixed: Error in rewriting a ZIP64 zip (larger then 4GB or having more than 65536 files). There was an error when a large zip was opened, potentially modified, […]