Chilkat v9.5.0.78 Release Notes

(The previous version release notes: Chilkat v9.5.0.77 Release Notes )

v9.5.0.78 Release Notes

  • 2-April-2019 CkString: The appendHexData method would terminate with an unnecessary LF if the passed in data was a multiple of 16.
  • 2-April-2019 Imap: Fixed a problem parsing IMAP server responses when fetching emails with AutoDownloadAttachments=false where the email is empty without attachments.
  • 2-April-2019 PrivateKey: Fixed a problem reading the PEM output (Encrypted Private Key) produced by this OpenSSL command: pkcs12 -in sample.p12 -passin pass:test123 –passout pass:test1234 -out sampleKey.pem
  • 2-April-2019: ConnectFailReason property: For classes that have a ConnectFailReason property: Added the value 125 — TLS Pin Set Mismatch.
  • 4-April-2019: Emoji Chars: Fixed internal problem mainly involving emoji chars. The actual problem had to do with internal utf-8 to utf-16 conversion when surrogate pairs are present (and emoji chars are the typical chars where surrogate pairs occur). This problem could’ve presented in various ways across various classes: DirTree, Zip, FileAccess, etc.
  • 4-April-2019: XML DSig: Fixed a problem having to do with exclusive canonicalization w/ namespace emission. The problem occurred infrequently enough to be unnoticed for quite some time.
  • 5-April-2019: Scp: Fixed problems having to do with uploads where SPACE chars are in the directory or filename.
  • 5-April-2019: Scp: Fixed issue with SyncTreeUpload. Modes 1-5 would operate as mode 0 and upload all files.
  • 5-April-2019: Rest: If connecting with auto-reconnect turned on, the FullRequestMultipart did not auto-restore the connection if the request was non-chunked.
  • 8-April-2019: CkStringBuilder: Fixed the ContainsWord method for case-insensitive matches where Danish (or other non-English but Western European accented chars) are used.
  • 9-April-2019: Ftp2: Added the UncommonOptions property.
  • 12-April-2019: TCP/TLS in general: Made internal changes to hopefully get rid of “WSAECONNABORTED An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.” errors when sending large amounts of data on a socket. (Such as for Amazon Glacier uploads.) This change only applies for builds on the Windows operating system. Other operating systems don’t seem to have this error.
  • 16-April-2019: SshKey: Fixed FromOpenSshPrivateKey for loading non-encrypted and encrypted RSA private keys.
  • 18-April-2019: Crypt2: An attempt to set the CryptAlgorithm property to an invalid (unrecognized) value will effectively be a no-op (will not change the value of CryptAlgorithm).
  • 18-April-2019: OAuth2: Added the following properties: IncludeNonce, ResponseMode, and ResponseType.
  • 18-April-2019: Ssh: Added the GetAuthMethods method to query an SSH server for the list of authentication methods it supports.
  • 20-April-2019: Imap: The GetQuotaRoot method returned extra double-quotes around the keyword “STORAGE”. For example: {“QUOTAROOT”:{“mailbox”:”INBOX”,”root”:”Mailbox”},”QUOTA”:{“root”:”Mailbox”,”resource”:””STORAGE””,”used”:17326,”max”:256000}}
  • 28-April-2019: Socket: Added the RcvBytesPerSec and SendBytesPerSec properties. Also added the ResetPerf method.
  • 29-April-2019: FileAccess: The FileExists method returned true for network paths that don’t exist. (The FileExists3 method, which is recommended over FileExists because it returns three possible values: exist, not-exist, and unable-to-check, would return unable-to-check, but now returns not-exist.)
  • 30-April-2019: Email: Added the ConvertInlineImages method.
  • 2-May-2019: Crypt2: Added the ability to create and verify CAdES-T signatures.
  • 5-May-2019: SshTunnel: Added StartKeyboardAuth and ContinueKeyboardAuth (identical to the same methods in Ssh).
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