Does Chilkat Support WebHooks?

Question:  I’ve been asked to write an application that supports WebHooks (asynchronous communications back to me) and RESTful API’s(synchronous send to them).


Some REST API’s, such as Shopify, allow an application to create webhook subscriptions.  (See  When some event happens, the service (such as Shopify) will send an HTTP POST request to your applicaton’s endpoint URL specified by the webhook subscription.

This means two things:

1) It is assumed that your application is a web application.

2) Your web application has a “page” (or “endpoint”) that expects to receive and process the HTTP requests coming from the service (such as Shopify).

Chilkat can be used to send the REST API requests to manage webhook subscriptions.   Webhook subscription API calls are no different than any other REST API call.

You wouldn’t use Chilkat to receive an HTTP request.   Receiving an HTTP request is the fundamental task of a Web app and is programmed using your desired Web application framework such as ASP.NET.

If your application is a desktop application, then it really doesn’t make sense to try to receive webhooks.  Webhook calls need to be received in a web application.



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