Quickly Understanding the MIME Format of Email

The format of email is MIME. A simple MIME message consists of headers followed by a body.  For example, here’s a simple text/plain email: From: sender@example.com To: recipient@example.com Subject: Example Email Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″ Hello, This is a simple plain text email. Regards, Sender MIME can be multipart. Here’s a text/plain email with a PDF attachment: From: sender@example.com To: recipient@example.com […]

v9.5.0.37 Micro Update: Mime.LoadMimeBytes Updated to Handle Mixture of bare-LF and CRLF Line Endingss

It was found that in some cases, OpenSSL may produce MIME with a mixture of both bare-LF line-endings and CRLF line-endings. MIME documents *should* always use CRLF line endings. The mixing of both line-ending types in a single MIME document caused the LoadMimeBytes method to skip past the end of the top-level header (terminated by a double bare-LF) and instead […]

Chilkat supports CAdES-BES and CAdES-EPES digital signatures

Chilkat v9.3.0, being released this week, now supports the ability to create CAdES-BES and CAdES-EPES digital signatures via the MailMan, Mime, and Crypt2 objects.   All three objects/classes now include the following new properties: bool CadesEnabled; string CadesSigPolicyId; string CadesSigPolicyUri; string CadesSigPolicyHash;  (base64 encoded representation of hash) To create a CAdES-BES signature, simply set the CadesEnabled property = true. For CAdES-EPES, […]

Access MIME Parts from HTTP Request?

Question: Is it possible to “grab“ mime parts directly from incoming HTTP request with Chilkat.Mime object? LoadMimeFile() works like a charm. Answer: Yes, if you are using a ChilkatDotNet2.dll that is more than a few weeks old (from the date of this post), download the latest from http://www.chilkatsoft.com/preRelease/ChilkatDotNet2.zip The latest build has a new feature built into the LoadMime and […]

Convert MIME to Plain-Text?

Question: Is it possible to convert MIME to plain-text? Answer: The Chilkat MIME and/or Email API’s may be used to extract the plain-text body (or bodies) and/or HTML bodies from a MIME message. If a MIME-part is already plain-text, no conversion is necessary. It’s simply a matter of using the Chilkat MIME or Email API to extract the part’s contents. […]