What Replaced Old Chilkat Async Methods?

In the distant past, there were some Chilkat classes that had a few ad-hoc Async methods and properties.  For example, the Ftp2 class contained the methods AsyncPutFileStart, AsyncGetFileStart, AsyncAppendFileStart, and properties such as AsyncFinished, AsyncSuccess, and AsyncLog. A number of years ago, these were replaced with a consistent and standard async model that applies to any Chilkat method in any […]

Event Callbacks in Java

Event callbacks in Java (including Android) are supported starting in v9.5.0.52. To receive event callbacks, first create a Java class derived from one of the Chilkat event callback classes. The event callback classes are: CkBaseProgress, CkHttpProgress, CkZipProgress, CkFtp2Progress, CkMailManProgress, CkTarProgress, and CkSFtpProgress. All future Chilkat classes will only use CkBaseProgress. Theses event callback classes will be documented in the “Events” […]

Chilkat v9.5.0.52 – Asynchronous for all Classes in all Programming Languages

Starting in Chilkat v9.5.0.52, asynchronous capability is added across all classes and all programming languages. The new Task and TaskChain classes have been added. To Beta test, send email to support@chilkatsoft.com. Please specify the programming language, operating system, etc. that is needed. The online reference documentation has been updated. Examples will be forthcoming. Version will be released later this […]

Cocoa Asynchronous Methods and Event Callbacks

Chilkat v9.3.0 for Cocoa now includes the asynchronous functionality and event callback functionality that has been available in the C++ libs. Asynchronous methods run in a background thread such that the call immediately returns to the application.  Events are not fired w/ asynchronous method calls — your app would periodically check to see if the background task is finished. To […]

Background Enabled Methods – Using Chilkat Asynchronously

Notice: The functionality described here is deprecated and replaced by a newer model for asynchronous method calls. The newer model was introduced in Chilkat v9.5.0.52, and is identified by methods having names ending in “Async” which return a task object. The Chilkat HTTP component has a set of methods and properties that allow already-existing methods to be called asynchronously. For […]