LoadPfxFile Takes a Long Time to Load?

Question: I’m using the LoadPfxFile method of the cert object and it takes about 4 or 5 seconds in load the PFX certificate. On the other hand, if I sign the document using an installed certificate, it’s instantaneous. Why does LoadPfxFile take so much time? Is there a way to reduce the loadPfxFile time? Answer: When a password is used […]

Q/A 25-Oct-2019

Question:  One of my suppliers has provided a certified x509 certificate p12, in order to connect to his WS Soap. Developing in the Visual FoxPro environment, I ask you if you have libraries with examples that can be used for this purpose. Answer: I’m assuming the .p12 is to be used as the client certificate for the TLS connection.  (Using […]

Generate XAdES-BES with .pem, .cer, or .pfx?

Question: The examples refer to a type certificate or “.pfx”.  My certificate is a “.pem” or “.cer” file. Can I generate an XAdES-BES enveloped digital signature to insert in my xml file? Which method should I use to load the certificate into memory and apply the password? Answer: A private key is needed to create a digital signature.  The .pfx […]

v9.5.0.40 Micro Update: New Chilkat Classes/Objects: CertChain, XmlCertVault, Pfx

This new version includes the following updates/fixes: Fix relating to DSA signature verification internal to PKCS7. SFTP: The PreserveDate property now affects both uploads and downloads. Starting in v9.5.0.40, the UploadFileByName method will preserve the last-mod date/time for the file that is uploaded. Note: The SyncTreeUpload/Download methods already preserve the last-mod date/times regardless of the PreserveDate property setting. Fixed SendEmail […]

Private Key Warning Dialog

If your application is using a pre-installed certificate for creating a digital signature, or for decrypting, then it needs access to the private key. (By pre-installed, we mean a certificate that has been imported from a PFX (or via the browser) into a Windows registry-based certificate store.) If you chose to enable strong private key protection, then the Windows operating […]