Posts about Matching Encryption Output for Different Systems

How to tell if Data is AES Encrypted Data?

Question: I really like your component but there’s one problem with Crypt2. Is there anyway to verify if the file is encrypted before decrypt? I’m asking this question is because if I try to decrypt an unencrypted file, that file will be corrupted. Answer: The output of any Chilkat Crypt2 method that does symmetric encryption (AES, Blowfish, Triple-DES, etc.) is […]

Getting Started with AES Decryption

This is a common question: You receive encrypted data and a key and want to decrypt. The person providing the encrypted data has provided little information, perhaps only that the encryption algorithm is AES. Where to do you begin, and what additional information, if any, do you need? Answer: AES encryption comes in 3 key sizes: 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit. […]

Encryption Progress Monitoring

Question: Is there a way to encrypt a file with progress monitoring?  Huge files can take a while and it seems like the app is hanging. Answer: Yes, here is the sample VB6 code: Public WithEvents myCrypt As ChilkatCrypt2 ‘ …. Private Sub myCrypt_PercentDone(ByVal pctDone As Long) ProgressBar1.Value = pctDone End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() Set myCrypt = New ChilkatCrypt2 […]

Matching MySQL’s AES_ENCRYPT Functions

The following example programs demonstrate how to match MySQL’s AES_ENCRYPT function in different programming languages: ASP: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function SQL Server: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C#: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C++: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function MFC: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function C: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Delphi: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Visual FoxPro: Match MySQL AES_ENCRYPT Function Java: Match MySQL […]

Block Encryption Algorithms and Encoding

Question: In our application we have the need to encrypt a 19 character simple string value. When running through the sample test program I found that the resulting encrypted string varied in size from at least 44 to 64 characters depending on the encoding type parameter. Is there a way to generate an encrypted value that will generate a string […]

Encrypting Chinese Characters

Question: Why is it the return is blank when encrypting chinese characters? Here’s a snippet of my code: crypt.KeyLength := 256; crypt.SecretKey := Password; crypt.CryptAlgorithm := ‘aes’; crypt.EncodingMode := ‘base64’; OutPutStr := crypt.EncryptStringENC(StringToEncrypt); Answer: Strings in some programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, Foxpro, etc. should be thought of as objects.  The object contains a string (i.e. […]