Fix for Spain FacturaE Signature Online Example

A Chilkat user graciously reported an error in the example at “I use it to sign TicketBAI XML files and FacturaE in Spain. I noticed that the FacturaE signatures weren’t validating properly on some government websites with an error something like “the signature is not a correct xades signature”. The namespace “etsi” was replaced with “xades” in the following […]

XML Signature Id attribute

In Chilkat v9.5.0.90, the Id attribute is automatically generated and added to the “Signature” tag when an XML digital signature is created.  This results in a Signature that begins like this: <Signature xmlns=”” Id=”signature-1502-9002-7096-7873″> Why did Chilkat do this?  It is because if you or somebody else wishes to subsequently add an Encapsulated Timestamp to the signature, then the Id […]

XML Signature for Guatemala Fel Factura Electronica

(Chilkat is going to begin posting about the ongoing work with customers involving smart cards and tokens used for signing PDFs and XML invoices, etc.) Chilkat is helping a customer with XML Signatures for Guatemala Fel Factura Electronica, which is to sign XML that begins like the following: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <dte:GTDocumento xmlns:xsd=”” xmlns:xsi=”” Version=”0.1″ xsi:schemaLocation=” GT_Documento-0.2.1.xsd” xmlns:dte=”″> <dte:SAT ClaseDocumento=”dte”> […]

Generated Code for XAdES Signing Certificates

Question: I am user of your component and I have problem with signing XML files. I got (invalid) ds:Signature with same not replaced text “TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT” in tree node (SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[1] and SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[2]) The SigningCertificate|xades:Cert[0] is valid. … CkXml object1; object1.put_Tag(“xades:QualifyingProperties”); object1.AddAttribute(“xmlns:xades”,””); object1.AddAttribute(“xmlns:xades141″,””); object1.AddAttribute(“Target”,”#xmldsig-0d264d45-0a6a-4431-8e74-35463a71756c”); object1.UpdateAttrAt(“xades:SignedProperties”,true,”Id”,”xmldsig-0d264d45-0a6a-4431-8e74-35463a71756c-signedprops”); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningTime”,”TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT”); object1.UpdateAttrAt(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:CertDigest|ds:DigestMethod”,true,”Algorithm”,”″); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:CertDigest|ds:DigestValue”,”TO BE GENERATED BY CHILKAT”); object1.UpdateChildContent(“xades:SignedProperties|xades:SignedSignatureProperties|xades:SigningCertificate|xades:Cert|xades:IssuerSerial|ds:X509IssuerName”,”TO BE […]

Generate XAdES-BES with .pem, .cer, or .pfx?

Question: The examples refer to a type certificate or “.pfx”.  My certificate is a “.pem” or “.cer” file. Can I generate an XAdES-BES enveloped digital signature to insert in my xml file? Which method should I use to load the certificate into memory and apply the password? Answer: A private key is needed to create a digital signature.  The .pfx […]

XML Signature / Canonicalization Bug in Widely Used Software

Chilkat has found what it believes to be a bug in the internal XML canonicalization functionality in some other software systems. Chilkat’s XML canonicalization is correct, whereas some other established implementations are incorrect. Chilkat is adding a Behavior in v9.5.0.79 to allow for the bug to be reproduced so that XML signatures produced by Chilkat are compatible with these particular […]

Online XML Digital Signature Validators

Chilkat’s Online XML Signature Validator: FacturaE online validator: ETSI Signature Conformance Checker (requires credentials) Validate UBL: UBL 2.1 e-Invoice Validation: FatturaPA ( ADSS Signing Server: hacienda (Costa Rica) XML Validator: RTR Signatur-Prüfung ICP-Brasil Weryfikacja Podpisu Elektronicznego I don’t trust this validator. Change the signed XML document to deliberately introduce errors and […]


Chilkat has resolved problems relating to the creation of XAdES-BES XML signatures for documents sent to   These fixes will be available starting in Chilkat v9.5.0.76.   At the time of this post (31-Oct-2018) is not yet released.  Contact for a pre-release if desired. Chilkat has worked with a customer to successfully sign XML files having the HL7 […]

Etsi, XAdES-BES, XAdES-EPES, FacturaE, Electronic Invoicing, etc.

Chilkat v9.5.0.75 will include features to make it easy to generate XAdES-BES and XAdES-EPES signatures for electronic invoicing and tax reporting for many countries. The goal is to provide an easy and inexpensive solution for these complicated requirements.  Chilkat has been working with customers in Spain, Italy, Hungary, India, Brazil, Costa Rica, and elsewhere to get things working smoothly.  (Contact […]