IMAP Login: BAD Command received in Invalid state.

This error can happen if you connect to an IMAP server without SSL/TLS (i.e. at port 143) but the server does not allow unsecure sessions.  Oddly enough, the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 server will accept the connection, but will fail any login attempt with this error.  Here is a sample SessionLog: Connecting to IMAP server at > —-IMAP RESPONSE—- > […]

Exchange Server – POP3, IMAP, and SMTP

Question: May I ask if is possible use Chilkat components to connect to MS Exchange 6.5 and higher ? I am thinking about purchase of MailMan component or other as it is, however I would like read some example in C# for reading emails from Exchange and sending emails via Exchange after connecting to the specified account domain/logname & password. […]

Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit Permissions problem seems like invalid login/password

This just came to our attention. When sending email using Exchange Server, a Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit Permissions problem seems like an incorrect login/password error. A sample of the Chilkat.MailMan’s LastErrorXml is shown below. To get more information, Google “Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit permission”… <ChilkatLog> <SendEmail> <DllDate>Mar 6 2009</DllDate> <UnlockPrefix>anything for 30-day trial</UnlockPrefix> <Username>***</Username> <Component>Java</Component> <Recipients> <NumTo>1</NumTo> <To>***</To> <NumCC>0</NumCC> <NumBCC>0</NumBCC> </Recipients> <info>Need new SMTP connection</info> <SMTP_Connect> […]

Exchange Server Unencrypted Login/Password w/ POP3

Question: We are currently using Chilkat to retrieve e-mail for a number of our applications. A client of ours has updated their exchange mail server and they have disabled the pop3 service because of authentication issues (the user/password is sent unencrypted and would be a threat). Are there any other possibilities within the scope of chilkat to retrieve mail from […]

Outlook vs. Mail Servers

Question: I am using your email ActiveX control and wanted to know if there is a way to update MS Outlook in the sent folder with the email I am sending with your control? Answer: Email clients communicate with email servers using a well-known protocol. Email clients do not generally communicate with other email clients. Here is a non-exhaustive list […]