C Language Callbacks

This example demonstrates the general pattern for implementing some standard event callbacks functions for the Chilkat “C” API.  All Chilkat “classes” what have events will use the standard Chilkat events shown in the example below (AbortCheck, PercentDone, and ProgressInfo). This example demonstrates callbacks for an SFTP download, but the same technique applies to any other Chilkat “class”, such as HTTP, […]

C# SFTP Upload from Byte[]

This example demonstrates how to open a remote file on an SSH/SFTP server, write to the file, and then close it. This is analogous to opening a local file, writing to it, and closing it. The SFTP protocol (i.e. Secure File Transfer over SSH), follows the same concepts as typical file I/O programming — i.e. open a file, read, write, […]

Chilkat C/C++ libraries now available for MAC OS X

The Chilkat C/C++ libraries are now available for MAC OS X. For the download link and more information, see http://www.chilkatsoft.com/installMacOSX.asp Chilkat will soon release MAC OS X compatible builds for Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby. Following that, builds for the IOS (IPhone) will be released, along with Objective-C/C++ native libraries for both MAC OS X and IPhone.