Utf8 C++ property allows for utf-8 or ANSI “const char *”

All Chilkat C++ classes have a Utf8 property. For example:

class CkEmail : public CkObject

	virtual ~CkEmail();

	bool get_Utf8(void) const;
	void put_Utf8(bool b);

	const char *addFileAttachment(const char *fileName);

The Utf8 property controls how the bytes pointed by “const char *” arguments are interpreted. By default, “const char *” strings are interpreted as ANSI bytes. If the Utf8 property is set to true by calling put_Utf8(true), then “const char *” inputs are interpreted as utf-8. This allows any application to pass either ANSI or utf-8 strings to any Chilkat method.

The Utf8 property also controls whether utf-8 or ANSI strings are returned by methods that return a “const char *”.