Windows 10 1803 can’t run EXE files from a network shared folders

Chilkat has been receiving support email with the following error:

                  Failed to get host address info. (3)
                  SocketError: Error 0x2afb
                  Check to make sure the connection is not blocked by a firewall or anti-virus port filtering.
                  hostOrIpAddr: ****
                  See for a possible cause of this error.
                  Versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP are limited to handling IPv4 only
                  On Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, IPv6 addresses are returned only if IPv6 is installed on the local computer.
              Domain to IP address resolution failed.

One user described the situation perfectly:

This issue I am having is with FTP2 and the Email components. I have enclosed the error screen for the FTP.

  1. I did a windows update last night. It has worked fine for 2 years until the update.
  2. There is no issue if I run the program in the VB6 interpreter. It only happens when I run the .exe program.
  3. If I run the .exe program from the local drive, it works fine. It only happens when I run it from the network drive.
  4. I have another computer set up and it works fine from the network drive.

Please let me know if you have an idea. I am running windows 10 (32bit)

The answer is found here.

In summary: “It can be concluded that Windows 10 update 1803 for security reasons does not allow you to open network connections in programs running from shared folders that are accessible only using the SMBv1 protocol. As network folders, you need to use devices that support SMBv2 or SMBv3.”

See for more details.

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