Accessing Private Key causes Windows to show Dialog Box – How to Suppress

Question:  Calling CkXmlDSigGen.SetX509Cert causes Windows to show a dialog box requesting validation.  Is it possible to avoid the dialog box? Answer: Yes.  The reason for displaying the dialog box  is because the cert + private key was imported with the option to enable strong private key protection.  Here’s a screenshot of the Window Certificate Import Wizard showing the two checkboxes:  […]

v9.5.0.38 Micro Update: TrustedRoots Object/Class Added, and other various fixes

This new version includes the following updates/fixes: Added the TrustedRoots class to allow for programss to globally specify a specific set of trusted root CA certificates for PKCS7 certificate signature verification and for SSL/TLS server certificate trust. Added the RequireSslCertVerify property to Http, IMAP, Socket, and MHT. Added the CrcFile and CrcBytes methods to the Crypt2 API. Added a new […]

Getting the Root CA Certificate SHA1 Thumbprint

Question: (In VB6) One thing we would like to do is to read out the SHA1 fingerprint of the root ca. For example, the programm should read the user certificate. The user certificate has a certification path. Is it possible to read out the fingerprint of the top-level root certificate? Answer: Here is a sample program. The user certificate is […]