How to Create QuickBooks in Developer Dashboard

1.  Log in to your Intuit Developer Account Go to and Sign In. 2. Go to the Dashboard Click on the “Dashboard” link in the top right of the web page. 3. Click on the blue “+ Create an app” link/button. 4. Select the “Quickbooks Online and Payments” platform. 5. Give your app a name and select a scope.  […]

Chilkat 4-May-2022 – This Python version does not match the downloaded Chilkat module.

Question: Unable to install Chilkat because of the Python version and architecture error: “This Python version does not match the downloaded Chilkat module.” Answer: Refer to the install instructions here: You can open the script in a text editor to see what it does.  It’s simply verifying that your version of Python (such as “3.7”) matches the version […]

Chilkat 10-Dec-2021 – Brasilian Tax Server problems?

Chilkat is going to try to blog daily notes on issues we’re handling for customers. So… starting for today.. Suddenly SOAP XML posts to the Brasilian tax server  stop working with a 415 response code having error “The server cannot service the request because the media type is unsupported.”.    The error “media type is unsupported” generally means the server […]

Start Browser from Client-Side PHP Script

Let’s say you have a PHP script (not PHP on a web server, but simply a .php script that you run from a command line), this is one way to start/launch a browser and automatically load/navigate to a URL. <?php // Type “start iexplore” and press “Enter” to open Internet Explorer and view its default home screen. // Alternatively, type […]

DNS Error: failed to get host address info, gai_error 8

If your MacOSX/iOS Swift application gets this error in the Chilkat LastErrorText: smtpSocketConnect: socket2Connect: connect2: connectImplicitSsl: connectSocket: connect_ipv6_or_ipv4: getAddressInfo: Failed to get host address info. (4) gai_error: 8 hostOrIpAddr: port: 465 –getAddressInfo getAddressInfo failed. –connect_ipv6_or_ipv4 –connectSocket –connectImplicitSsl ConnectFailReason: DNS lookup failed –connect2 –socket2Connect The solution is to enable the Outgoing Connections option in your Swift project.

Python Error: UnicodeEncodeError: ‘charmap’ codec can’t encode character

Question: I’ve discovered an error on your example ( ) as follows… AccountID: f1f489fb-9267-429e-a1dc-bc63a7c3f71e Traceback (most recent call last): File “M:\EXPORTIT\PY\”, line 50, in print(“Name: ” + xml.GetChildContent(“Accounts|Account[i]|Name”)) File “m:\Python\Python35-32\lib\encodings\”, line 19, in encode return codecs.charmap_encode(input,self.errors,encoding_map)[0] UnicodeEncodeError: ‘charmap’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u2013′ in position 20: character maps to It’s failing on the this line from the “”, Wages […]

O365 IMAP Authentication: OAuth and MFA Solution

There is much confusion and worry about Microsoft’s plans to disable standard password authentication for the IMAP, and POP3  protocols. Here is the announcement posted on 20-Sept-2019 on the Office 365 blog: Chilkat already supports OAuth2 for the IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols. (Microsoft will continue to support basic auth for SMTP)  In all three protocols, an application can […]

Delphi DLL TaskCompleted Callbacks

The Chilkat Delphi DLL (non-ActiveX) supports callbacks starting in version, to be released in Feb 2020. Pre-release Beta builds are available upon request. Also see: Delphi DLL AbortCheck Callbacks Delphi DLL PercentDone Callbacks Delphi DLL ProgressInfo Callbacks 1) First define a procedure exactly as shown here. Make sure to use the “cdecl” calling convention. 2) Set the task completed […]