Convert CSV to utf-8?

Question: We’ve purchased a few of your products in the past and they work great.  Here’s a question on another one:  I’m creating a .csv file within a vfp program and I need it to be an Utf-8 format.  I’m not finding anywhere how to do that programatically.  Do you have a product that will convert? Answer: For those that […]

Chilkat Charsets (Character Encodings) Supported

In many places in the Chilkat API, there are properties or method arguments for a charset (also known as character encoding).  All acceptable and supported charset names are listed here.  (The vast majority are likely almost never used.) Before we list the names and the corresponding code pages, there are a few special values. “ansi” is a string that can […]

Understanding EncryptStringENC and DecryptStringENC in Python and C/C++

Chilkat provides API’s that are identical across a variety of different programming languages. One difficulty in doing this is in handling strings. Different programming languages pass strings in different ways. In some programming languages, such as Python or C/C++, a “string” is simply a sequence of bytes terminated by a null. (I’m referring to “multibyte” strings, not Unicode (utf-16) strings. […]

BASE64 Decode with Charset GB2312

Question: I have a Base64 decode error, as follows: CkString str; str.setString(“16q”); str.base64Decode(“gb2312”); const char *strResult = str.getString(); convert result is { cb f2 } But the correct result should be { d7 aa} What’s wrong? The platform is WinCE 6.0, use Chilkat_PPC_M5.lib Answer: The following code shows how to do it correctly: CkString str; str.setString(“16q”); // The following line […]

Visual Basic Font.Charset Property

Charset Name Charset Value (Hex) Charset Value (Decimal) Code-Page ID ANSI_CHARSET 0x00 0 1252 DEFAULT_CHARSET 0x01 1 SYMBOL_CHARSET 0x02 2 SHIFTJIS_CHARSET 0x80 128 932 HANGUL_CHARSET 0x81 129 949 GB2312_CHARSET 0x86 134 936 CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET 0x88 136 950 GREEK_CHARSET 0xA1 161 1253 TURKISH_CHARSET 0xA2 162 1254 HEBREW_CHARSET 0xB1 177 1255 ARABIC_CHARSET 0xB2 178 1256 BALTIC_CHARSET 0xBA 186 1257 RUSSIAN_CHARSET 0xCC 204 1251 […]