Chilkat C++ API Lowercase Methods Returning “const char *”

In any Chilkat C++ class, there are two alternatives for methods that return a string, and for string properties. The first alternative is to return the string in an output-only “CkString &” in the final argument. The second alternative is to return a “const char *” directly. For example, the CkSFtp class has the following: // A property named “HostKeyFingerprint” […]

Linking “C” Programs with the Chilkat C/C++ Libs

The Chilkat C/C++ libs are (internally) written in C++.  Therefore, when linking a “C” program with the Chilkat libs, the C++ runtime libs must be included.  This is true regardless of the operating system, whether it be Windows, MAC OS X, IOS, Linux, etc.    Different build environments will have different ways of accomplishing the task.  For example, with XCode (on […]