FTP Proxy Methods

Question: I need to connect to an ftp server and have to use the following command: ftp://username:password@hosname That means I’m not able to use the standard connection (first connect to host, then enter username and then password).  Is this possible using the Chilkat FTP2 component? Answer: Yes.  There are a number of different FTP proxy methods used by different types […]

Can Ftp2.SyncLocalTree be progress monitored?

The FTP2 component’s SyncLocalTree method downloads an entire directory tree from an FTP server to the local filesystem. There are several modes of operation: mode=0: Download all files mode=1: Download all files that do not exist on the local filesystem. mode=2: Download newer or non-existant files. mode=3: Download only newer files. If a file does not already exist on the […]

Keeping an FTP Session Open

Question: We are making a timed call to an FTP folder to check for new files. Once a file appears, we download it. Is it possible to keep the session open between these timed calls, or should it be closed and re-opened every time we check? The interval is very small 2 seconds, but may run for days at a […]

FTP2 Events for FoxPro

The Chilkat FTP2 ActiveX has events for progress monitoring. The events may also be used to abort an FTP upload/download, or to skip files and/or directories. These are the events in Visual FoxPro terms: PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_PutProgress(percentDone AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_GetProgress(percentDone AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_AbortCheck(abortFlag AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_BeginDownloadFile(filePath AS String, skipFlag AS Number) AS […]

FTP Unicode Directory Listings

Question: Files on the FTP server contain Unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.). How do I get the correct filenames in my (Chilkat FTP2) client? Answer: It is very dependent on the capabilities of the FTP server. Many servers are incapable of sending Unicode directory listings. If an FTP server supports Unicode directory listings, it will use utf-8 (which is […]