Chilkat v9.5.0.67 Release Notes

The v9.5.0.66 release notes are available here:  Chilkat v9.5.0.66 Release Notes

v9.5.0.67 Release Notes:

  • HTTP: Fixed a problem when auto-following redirects from HTTP to HTTPS.  If the cached connection existed for long enough, and the server closed the connection at some previous point, then the redirect would fail.
  • SFtp: Added the FileExists method.
  • HTTP: Fixed redirects requiring an authentication header.  Chilkat automatically removes the Authorization header when automatically following a redirect.  This caused problems for redirects within the same domain where the Authorization is needed.  Chilkat now removes the Authorization header if the redirect is to a different domain, but keeps it if the redirect is within the same domain.
  • Spider: Fixed the AddMustMatchPattern method.
  • BinData: Added the GetString method.
  • Mime: Added the GetBodyBd method.
  • Email: Added the GetAttachmentBd and GetAlternativeBodyBd methods.
  • Gzip: Added the CompressBd and UncompressBd methods.
  • Email, Crypt2, Mime: Added the OaepPadding and OaepHash properties.
  • Tar: Fixed a problem caused when a file to be added to the .tar is exactly 4294967295 bytes in size (which made the file size look like -1 when the 4-byte integer is interpreted as a signed integer).
  • JsonObject: Added new methods: EmitWithSubs, Predefine, LoadPredefined.
  • Http: Added the AuthToken property.
  • Http: Added the SetUrlVar and ClearUrlVars methods.
  • HtmlToXml: Better handles HTML with unclosed tags in certain situations.
  • Http: For keepalive connections, fixed the internal auto-recovery (in certain situations) if the connection is discovered broken upon sending the request.  For example, if a request/response occurs and the connection is keep-alive, then time passes, the HTTP server closes the connection, and the client (your app) sends the next request.  Chilkat will discover the connection is non-existent and will automatically re-connect.
  • SFtp: Fixed the ReadFileBytes method for the case where one tries to read more bytes than what exists in the remote file.
  • Ssh: Added the StripColorCodes property.
  • Added the “base64_mime” to the list of possible encodings.  This is the same as “base64”, but causes the base64 to be emitted in lines just like it would be found in MIME or in a PEM.
  • Crypt2: Added the following BinData/StringBuilder methods:  VerifySbENC, VerifyBdENC, SignSbENC, SignBdENC, OpaqueVerifyBd, OpaqueSignBd, EncryptSb, EncryptBd, DecryptSb, DecryptBd.
  • Added RSASSA-PSS and RSAES-OAEP capabilities for signed and encrypted email.  This was spurred by customer needs to satisfy new requirements in Germany that apparently go into effect on 1-June-2017 regarding email signatures and encryption.
  • Apple tvOS:  Added a build for tvOS.
  • ZipEntry: Added methods UnzipToStream, UnzipToBd, and UnzipToSb.
  • Stream: Added methods ReadBd, ReadSb, WriteBd, WriteSb
  • NTLM Proxy Authorizations: Fixed some HTTP NTLM proxy authorization issues, especially when TLS is involved.
  • Ftp2: Added the GetFileToStream method
  • CkDateTime: Added the ExpiresWithin and OlderThan methods.
  • OAuth2: Added the Resource property.
  • JsonObject: Added the AppendStringArray property.
  • MailMan: Added the StartTLSifPossible property.
  • PublicKey: Added the KeySize property.
  • VC++ 7.1:  Added a build for VC++ 7.1.
  • Tar: Fixed the “Invalid octal string for file size” error.
  • JsonObject: Added the FindObjectWithMember method.
  • Certificates:  Chilkat now fully supports ECC certificates in all ways.
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