Chilkat MHT: GetEmail, GetMime, HtmlToEmail Methods Removed

Chilkat MHT methods that returned either an email object or a MIME object were removed in the v9.5.0 release. The reason for this was to decouple the internal dependencies between these objects. In some environments, such as for iOS, the size of the resultant executable can be important, and the internal linking between these objects increases the size. The decision […]

MHT and EML are both MIME

Question: I have added HTML email file support (thanks to your excellent examples and library), but I have a question. It appears that it might be easier for the end user to save their things they want to email as a MHT file instead of HTML out of MS-Word. That way they have one file to deal with. So is […]

Improving MHT Download Performance with Caching

Question: I’m spidering search results and trying to archive hundreds of pages to MHT’s.  I’m testing your control and found it much slower than Internet Explorer. Also, while I’m not doing this now, is this control threadsafe if I ever wanted to try that to improve performance? Answer: Internet Explorer is faster because it uses multiple threads, and because it uses […]