Chilkat v9.5.0.69 Release Notes

The v9.5.0.68 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.68 Release Notes

v9.5.0.69 Release Notes:

  • XML Digital Signatures Chilkat introduces two new classes for creating and verifying XML Digital Signatures: XmlDSig (for verification) and XmlDSigGen for generating XML signatures. More examples will be available soon.
  • S/MIME The ability to get the digest and encryption algorithms encountered when verifying signatures and decrypting S/MIME. See S/MIME Get Algorithms for a C# example. (The same example is available in all the other programming languages at
  • Rest Added the Rest.ClearAuth method.
  • StringBuilder Fixed a bug in the LastNLines method.
  • General Fixed issues having to do with the XFS Linux filesystem. (Most Linux boxes do not use XFS, and thus the problems were not often encountered.)
  • CkDateTime The DiffSeconds method returned 0 when it should’ve returned a negative number. See DiffSeconds
  • SFTP In rare cases, when aborting a high-speed download, the LastErrorText would become filled with a repeated message “Socket recv aborted by application.”. This was fixed.
  • Crypt2 The GenerateUuid method should now correctly generate a v4 UUID (as opposed to a completely random UUID).
  • SFTP Added a workaround for a glitch in the “SSH-2.0-Connect:Enterprise_UNIX_2.4.04 Build 00” SSH server.
  • Http Added the LastStatusText property.
  • PureBasic Fixed errors in the generated .pb wrappers. For example, in CkJsonObject.pb, the following syntax error occurred when building: “[COMPILER] Line 54: A variable can’t be named the same as a keyword: data.”
  • Socket Added the SendWakeOnLan method.
  • Certificates Chilkat now fully supports certificates that use the RSASSA-PSS signature algorithm.
  • Socket Fixed the BuildHttpGetRequest method.
  • Ssh Fixed: calling the method QuickShell() generates an Access Violation when the LAN connection has been severed.
  • SFTP Fixed (rare) problem such that on some downloads, an unexpected message is received from the server after the download is completed and when closing the handle.
  • IMAP Fixed a rare internal IMAP message parsing error in FetchSingleHeader.
  • ZipEntry Added the IsAesEncrypted and EncryptionKeyLen properties.
  • AWS/S3/Http Fixed problems with pre-signing URLs having to do with 8bit non-us-ascii chars in the filename, or “.” chars in the bucket name.
  • AuthAws Fixed: The CanonicalizedResourceV2 property implementation took the whole string and encoded the entire subresource part by escaping reserved (as defined in rfc2396) characters, but the ‘?’ and ‘&’ characters should not have been escaped.
  • Mime When a message contained 8bit message/rfc822 parts, the GetMime method did not properly emit the MIME. This was fixed.
  • AWS/S3 Fixed: In certain situations, the Content-MD5 header was added twice, which caused the AWS Signature format v2 to fail.
  • Rest The AddMwsSignature method did not compute the signature properly when a query param value contained a “/” char. This was fixed.
  • Ftp2 Fixed a PBSZ issue that occurred for some FTP servers.
  • MailMan Fixed some HTTP proxy issues.
  • Certificates Fixed an issue with automatically locating pre-installed Windows certificates (for encryption) when
    the email address stored within the certificate used uppercase letters.
  • Socket Added the BindAndListenPortRange method.
  • OAuth2 Added the ListenPortRangeEnd property.
  • Ftp2 Fixed the GetCreateDtByName for the following situation. If the value of the ListPattern property changes, then the internal cache of remote file information needed to be automatically cleared so that GetCreateDtByName would not return null and would instead fetch the information from the server.
  • Http Added the PTextSb and PBinaryBd methods.
  • FileAccess Fixed: The GetLastModified method did not work for directories.
  • Zip Fixed the ZipAppendOneFileOrDir method for the case when a UNC path is passed.
  • Imap Fixed the GetMailAttachFilename method for cases where Q/B encoding was used in an IMAP response.
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