Chilkat v9.5.0.70 Release Notes

The v9.5.0.69 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.69 Release Notes

v9.5.0.70 Release Notes:

  • WebSocket Added the WebSocket class.
  • FTP2 The LargeFileMeasures property now applies to uploads. (It originally applied only to FTP downloads.)
  • FTP2 For synchronization uploads, such as for the SyncRemoteTree method, the AutoGetSizeForProgress property now applies. The local directory tree is only scanned to determine the total upload size, which is required for percent-done progress monitoring, if the AutoGetSizeForProgress property is true. There have been cases where the local directory tree is so large, that it takes a long time to recursively scan and the FTP server returns the following error when the uploads finally begin: [421 No-transfer-time exceeded. Closing control connection.]
  • Zip Fixed the ability to create zips using any of PPMD, LZMA, and Bzip2 compression.
  • Crypt2 Added the LastJsonData method.
  • Rest Fixed ServerSentEvent problems with Firebase
  • Zip Fixed the AppendString2 method to not include the utf-8 preamble when the charset argument is “utf-8”.
  • ZipEntry Fixed the ReplaceString and AppendString methods. The charset argument for these method was getting ignored.
  • PKCS7 Digital Signatures (This could apply to Crypt2 or Mime.) In very rare cases, the internal ASN.1 for a part of the PKCS7 signature used something called a “t61” string. Chilkat now handles it correctly.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the IncNamespacePrefix and IncNamespaceUri properties.
  • XmlDSigGen Added a special behavior for the prefixList argument of the AddSameDocRef method. The keyword “_EMPTY_” may be passed to force the generation of an InclusiveNamespaces element with an empty PrefixList under the Transform element. See the online reference documentation for details.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the Behaviors property to account for special needs. See the online reference documentation for details.
  • PreferIpv6 Added internal re-try functionality to cope with various situations for IPv4-only and IPv6-only networks.
  • Tar Fixed bug in AddFile2. See Tar AddFile2 Bug Fix
  • OAuth1 Added the Realm property.
  • IMAP If the date/time string passed to the AppendMimeWithDateStr method used “UTC”, such as in “18-Oct-2017 09:08:21 UTC”, then Chilkat would pass a date/time string without the UTC. This caused the IMAP server (or at least one particular IMAP server) to use it’s local date/time. The IMAP RFC specifies that the timezone part of the date/time string should be in the format +/- 4DIGIT, such as “+0800”. Chilkat now automatically converts the “UTC” (or GMT) to “+0000”.
  • PureBasic The string “data” is a keyword in PureBasic. There has been trouble with the fact that some argument names in the provided .pb files, such as CkJsonObject.pb, contain function arguments named “data”. These have been renamed to “argData” to avoid PureBasic compile errors.
  • Rest Added the AddPathParam and ClearAllPathParams methods.
  • Mac OS X Fixed problem with the AbortCurrent property for CkoFtp2 and other classes.
  • HTTP Fixed problem with using the caching feature (FetchFromCache, UpdateCache, AddCacheRoot, NumCacheLevels, etc.). If the http.AllowGzip property was set to true, and a Gzip response was cached, then a subsequent cache-hit would not return the ungzipped response (as would a normal non-cache-hit response).
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