Chilkat v9.5.0.75 Release Notes (Aug 2018)

The v9.5.0.74 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.74 Release Notes

v9.5.0.75 Release Notes:

  • Important:  This release accidentally breaks Amazon MWS (not AWS) authentication.  If using MWS, send email to for a hotfix, or revert back to v9.5.0.73.
  • Smartcard/USB Tokens Support for Smartcard and USB tokens is much improved. Note: At this point, smartcards and USB tokens are supported on Windows operating systems only.
  • XmlDSigGen Many improvements and fixes to XML digital signature generation and verification…
  • Cert Added the Cert.SmartCardPin property.
  • Amazon/AWS Fixed problems with non-us-ascii chars in x-amz-meta-* headers
  • AuthUtil Fixed AuthUtil.WalmartSignature for POST/PUT operations.
  • Imap Fixed: The QuotaRoot method returned invalid JSON in some cases.
  • PFX/P12 Added the ability to open .pfx/.p12 files where two different passwords are required: one for integrity and the other for the private keys. See the example at
  • Cert Fixed the ValidFrom and ValidTo properties for some certificates (a rare problem, the vast majority of certs exhibited no problems with these properties).
  • ZipCrc Added the CrcString, CrcSb, and CrcBd methods for greater flexibility in calculating CRC32 checksums.
  • Cert Added the HashOf method to return the encoded hash of a particular part of a certificate.
  • Http Added the CreateTimestampRequest and VerifyTimestampReply methods to provide the ability to send RFC 3161 timestamp requests to a TSA (Timestamp Authority).
  • SFtp Fixed the LastReadNumBytes method which always returned 0.
  • Http Fixed certain URL and percent encoding problems for paths and query params.
  • PrivateKey Added the LoadAnyFormat method to load a private key from any text or binary format.
  • Rest Fixed auto-reconnect when the connection is thought to exist, but found to not exist when sending the request.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the empty-string option for the canonMethod argument to the AddSameDocRef, AddObjectRef, and AddExternalXmlRef methods. This makes it possible to add a reference with no transformations.
  • Ssh Added the Ssh.ClientPort property.
  • Rest Can set the expectedStatus argument of the SetResponseBodyStream to a negative number to indicate a range of expected status codes. (See the online reference documentation.)
  • CkString Fixed: The saveToFile method did not write a file with no BOM (Byte Order Mark) when passing “no-bom-utf-8” for the charsetEncoding.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the “TransformSignatureXPath” keyword to the Behaviors property.
  • Http Added the ResumeDownloadBd method.
  • Http Fixed receiving XML responses where the charset is not indicated in the Content-Type response header, but is available in the XML declarator contained in the response body.
  • SFtp Downloading to a file (DownloadFileByName) will check to see if the local target file already exists. If so, it will try to delete it prior to downloading. If it is not possible to delete, then the DownloadFileByName will return failure before trying to download the file.
  • Ssh Fixed the Ssh.HostKeyFingerprint property for ECDSA keys.
  • Http Fixed problem that occurred for request sent with: “Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate”
  • XmlDSigGen Added the SignedInfoId property.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the KeyInfoId property.
  • XmlDSigGen Added the SetRefIdAttr method.
  • encoding Added the “hexlower” encoding. “hexlower” may be used instead of “hex” to get the hexadecimal encoding using lowercase a-f (“hex” produces uppercase A-F).
  • PFX/P12 Fixed a problem with not properly recognizing OID 1.2.840.113549.1.1.10 in some circumstances.
  • Email Fixed a problem with the SetSigningCert and SetSigningCert2 methods.
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