v9.5.0.40 Micro Update: New Chilkat Classes/Objects: CertChain, XmlCertVault, Pfx

This new version includes the following updates/fixes:

  • Fix relating to DSA signature verification internal to PKCS7.
  • SFTP: The PreserveDate property now affects both uploads and downloads. Starting in v9.5.0.40, the UploadFileByName method will preserve the last-mod date/time for the file that is uploaded.
    Note: The SyncTreeUpload/Download methods already preserve the last-mod date/times regardless of the PreserveDate property setting.
  • Fixed SendEmail when the email object’s FileDistList property is used.
  • Fixed problem with saving email attachments where the filename ends in .txt.gz, but the Content-Type for the attachment within the email indicated “text/plain”.
  • HTTP: Fixed the handling of cookies for cases where the cookie’s Priority attribute is set.
  • HTTP: For POST and PUT requests, ensures that a Content-Length header is always added even if the content length is 0.
  • IPv6 Preference: Added the PreferIpv6 property to Ftp2, Http, Imap, Mht, SFtp, Socket, Spider, Ssh, and Upload. This allows an application to give preference to choosing IPv6 when both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are available.
  • Fixed a problem in the Windows Phone Runtime Component where the “Store test kit” complained about certain ANSI Platform SDK functions being referenced.
  • Added new Chilkat object/classes: CertChain, XmlCertVault, and Pfx. See the online reference documentation. Various methods were added to various Chilkat classes to make it easy to obtain the full certificate chain, such as for an SSL server’s cert chain, or a PKCS7 signer’s certificate chain.The XmlCertVault object provides a means for persisting a collection of certificates and private keys to an XML file as a repository for an application to use.
  • Added the Cert.VerifySignature and Cert.GetCertChain methods.
  • Added methods to the Rsa object for importing and exporting public/private keys directly to objects.
  • Review the online reference documentation for new methods or properties for Ftp2, TrustedRoots, Rsa, Mime, Cert, Email, Imap, MailMan, Crypt2, Http, Zip, Pfx, XmlCertVault, CertChain, and Upload. New entries are clearly marked by the version in which they are introduced.