v9.5.0.41 Micro Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

This new version includes the following updates and fixes:

  • A bug introduced in v9.5.0.40 in the Socket.AcceptNextConnection method (for SSL/TLS) has been fixed. The bug caused the server certificates to not be sent during the SSL handshake.
  • Internal FTP workarounds to automatically compensate for NonStop Tandem FTP server oddities.
  • Fixes relating to the use of the hz-gb-2312 charset in email and MIME.
  • HTTP: Problem fixed for the case when Chilkat receives an unexxpected “100 continue” response but did not react accordingly.
  • Added the following methods to the Email object for the purpose of getting header field attributes from sub-headers within an email: GetAttachmentAttr, GetRelatedAttr, and GetAttachedMessageAttr
  • Improved SFTP behavior when the PreserveDate property is turned on. Some SSH/SFTP servers did not allow for setting the last-mod date/time using an open file handle until the file is actually closed. Internally, Chilkat automatically handles this problem by setting the last-mod date/time after the file is closed using the remote file path.
  • Support for PHP v5.6 initiated.
  • An internal issue relating to TCP sockets on the Solaris platform was fixed.
  • Added the Email.Sender property. The Sender and BounceAddress properties are identical and perform the same function. Setting the Sender property also sets the BounceAddress property, and vice-versa. The reason for the duplication is that BounceAddress existed first, and developers typically searched for a “Sender” property without realizing that the BounceAddress property served this function.
  • Fixed the CertChain.IsRootTrusted property.
  • Added the TrustedRoots.TrustSystemCaRoots property. Also added the TrustedRoots.AddCert method. See the online reference documentation for details.
  • Fixed a problem with Cert.LoadByCommonName.
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