v9.5.0.50 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • VC++ 2015: Chilkat C++ libs are now available for the Release Candidate (RC) of Visual Studio 2015.
  • CkSettings/CkDateTime: CkSettings and CkDateTime were not visible in Linux, Mac OS X, and other non-Windows C++ libs (but only in the shared lib).
  • SFTP: Fixed certain problems relating to the download of large files for some types of SSH servers.
  • Python: Ensures that the Python global interpreter lock (GIL) is released and re-aquired so that other program threads are not stopped.
  • FTP: Problem fixed relating to some FTP servers in establishing the data connection w/ SSL/TLS.
  • MailMan: The MxLookup methods were missing from non-Windows Perl, Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP.
  • Pem: Added the GetEncodedItem method and the NumCsrs property.
  • FTP2: Added AllowMlsd, GetPermType, GetPermissions, GetOwner, and GetGroup.
  • Socket: Fixed server-side accepting of SSL/TLS connections.
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