XAdES-BES for www.csioz.gov.pl

Chilkat has resolved problems relating to the creation of XAdES-BES XML signatures for documents sent to www.csioz.gov.pl.   These fixes will be available starting in Chilkat v9.5.0.76.   At the time of this post (31-Oct-2018) is not yet released.  Contact support@chilkatsoft.com for a pre-release if desired. Chilkat has worked with a customer to successfully sign XML files having the HL7 […]

Never Handle non-Text Binary Data as a String

The bytes of a binary file, such as a JPG, PDF, etc. should never be treated as a string.  Loading a binary file into a string, and then saving back to a binary file will surely result in a different file that is corrupted.   This rule should be followed for all programming languages.  Don’t treat binary non-text bytes as […]

Node.js Asynchronous Methods that Return Objects

This post shows the general technique to get the object returned by a method when it is called asynchronously.   For example, consider the Mailman.GetUidls() method.  A synchronous call to GetUidls returns a StringArray object, as shown here: However, the async version of the method, GetUidlsAsync, returns a Task object. The TaskCompleted callback is called when finished. The following code […]

Binary vs Text Transfers (SFTP / FTP)

This post clarifies the topic of binary vs. ascii uploads/downloads for SFTP (Secure File Transfer over SSH) and FTP. Binary mode transmits bytes exactly as-is.   Text mode (also known as “ascii” mode) can modify line endings (CR’s and LF’s) to the canonical convention used on the remote system.  For example, Linux systems typically use bare LF line-endings, whereas text […]

Use Chilkat for the *** REST API?

Question: Have you ever worked with Avalara Tax Software?  I need to write an interface between our application and Avalara.  Do you know if I could use the Chilkat REST API to write the interface? Answer: Yes, you can use Chilkat REST to call any REST API.   A good way to go about it is to see if the […]

Amazon S3 Problem Resolution Hints

This post describes two problems and solutions for Amazon S3 that were recently encountered: (1) A Chilkat user found that the 1st HTTP request had a delay of 5 seconds, and then subsequent requests had no delay.  Here’s what was found (reproduced with permission from the Chilkat user): I thought you might be interested to know that the long lookup […]

MS CNG NCryptSignHash returns 0x80090020

We’ve seen this error when trying to sign using a smart card: msCngSignWithCert Acquired CNG private key. dwKeySpec: 0xffffffff key is CERT_NCRYPT_KEY_SPEC setSmartCardPin: setting smart card pin… –setSmartCardPin Using PKCS1 padding. msCngSign.NCryptSignHash failed. failed to sign. secStatus: 0x80090020 –msCngSignWithCert The 0x80090020 error is a generic “NTE_FAILED: An internal error occurred”. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/com/com-error-codes-4 To clarify: Chilkat calls the Microsoft CNG (Cryptographic […]

Mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built “MSIL” and the processor architecture …

Question: When building my C# solution I get the following warning on several of the projects:   Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Warning There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built “MSIL” and the processor architecture of the reference “ChilkatDotNet47, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ab5fc1f999ef09bd, processorArchitecture=AMD64”, “AMD64”. This mismatch may cause runtime failures. Please […]

Parsing Extremely Large XML Files

Question: I’m trying to read a very large xml file. It’s about 500MB. The content is a list of records. There are about 100,000 nodes with the same tag that contain single records.   Is there a limit on the file size or number of nodes that can be processed? Answer: There is no limit other than running out of memory.  […]

CkPython vs. Chilkat2-Python

Question: Should I use CKPython or Chilkat2-Python for a new development (environment = Windows and Python 3.6) What’s the difference between these? Answer: The CkPython API is the original Chilkat for Python API that uses something called SWIG (swig.org) to produce the Python wrappers around the C/C++ implementation.  The result is that CkPython API has a style with more a […]