Chilkat v9.5.0.93 Release Notes

Previous Version: Next Version: Chilkat v9.5.0.93 Release Notes PDF: Fixed more issues with LTV signatures, where sometimes Acrobat DC did not consider the signed PDF Long Term Validation enabled. PDF: Added the AddVerificationInfo method.  This is performs the same function as in Adobe Acrobat when right-clicking on a signature and selecting “Add Verification Information”. MailMan: Fixed TLS […]

AWS Reference Documentation — Sample Requests and Responses are Important

The AWS Reference Documentation is not consistent.  In some cases, the documentation provides a sample request and sample response.  The samples are extremely helpful, and make it easy to implement the call in any programming language.  With Chilkat, you can usually generate sample code by pasting the sample request, and the body of the sample response into Chilkat’s online tool […]