Capturing HTTP Cookies in a POST Response and Sending in Subsequent HTTP POST’s

Question: A particular REST/Web API returns a cookie. I need to capture this cookie and use it when sending subsequent POSTs. For example, this is the CURL statement to login and save the response cookie(s) to a file. curl -c cookies.txt -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“username”:”user”,”password”:”pass”}’ Then I need to use the cookie when sending an SMS […]

Solving the CommonJS (Common JavaScript) and ECMAScript Modules (ESM) Problem

The following is a solution graciously provided by a Chilkat user trying to convert a node16 application using Common JS (require) to node20 using ESM (import). CommonJS (Common JavaScript) and ECMAScript Modules (ESM) are two different module systems used in JavaScript environments. CommonJS is the module system used in Node.js and is characterized by `require()` and `module.exports` syntax, while ECMAScript […]