Adobe Acrobat DC — Fixing up Form Fields?

A Chilkat customer signed a PDF using the Chilkat API. There were no errors, and the output PDF seemed to be signed. Using the Chilkat API to verify the signed PDF was also successful. Chilkat could see the signature and validated it successfully. However, the signature in the signed PDF could not be seen in Adobe Acrobat DC.

When the original unsigned PDF is opened in Acrobat DC, a message is flashed at the bottom of the window saying “Fixing up Form Fields”.
When the PDF is closed, Adobe Acrobat asks to save the changes.

If Adobe Acrobat is allowed to save the changes (whatever they may be), and then the resultant file is signed with Chilkat, then the signature is seen and validated by both Chilkat and Adobe.

Adobe Acrobat DC needs to clarify what it means by “Fixing up Form Fields”, and there is likely a problem in Acrobat being able to detect cryptographic signatures in PDF’s with “Form fields that need to be fixed up”…

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