Chilkat 9.0.4 Release Notes

C++ Libraries

  • Removed internal calls to setlocale so that the locale is never changed from whatever your application may have set it to.


  • Fixed rare PPMD crash.


  • Fixed LoadText method in DSA ActiveX.


  • Two additional modes added to SyncLocalTree:
    mode 5 – Download only missing files or files with size differences.
    mode 6 – Same as mode 5, but also download newer files.
    * There is no mode #4.  It is a mode used internally by the DirTreeXml method.


  • Fixed Java 8bit char issues introduced in v9.0.0


  • Added ClearInMemoryCookies to clear in-memory cookies.
  • Fixed HTTP upload content-length issue when both params and files are included.


  • OID used for RSA-MD5 encryption was different than OID used by OpenSSL. Now they are identical and RSA signatures with MD5 match OpenSSL signatures. (Same applies to MD2. SHA-1 was always OK.)
  • Fixed RSA problem w/ DER–>XML conversion with smaller RSA keys. (Keys that would normally be too small to be considered secure and are thus rarely used.)
  • Fixed LoadPkcs8Encrypted such that it returns false properly when it fails.

SMTP (MailMan)

  • Fixed POP3 SPA Authentication.
  • Added SendMimeBytesQ.   Allows DKIM/DomainKeys emails to be sent via SMTPQ.
  • The ClientIpAddr, HeloHostname, and Dsn* properties are now properly sent to SMTPQ.


  • Fixed SMTPQ so that DKIM/DomainKeys emails can be sent unmodified (assuming SendMimeBytesQ is called)


  • Fixed InitializeSFtp where server sends extended data (VShell server)
  • Added SFtp.PreserveDate property to preserve date/time for DownloadFileByName.
  • Fixed: FilenameCharset wasn’t being applied to outgoing filenames.


  • Added the GetSelf method to return a new object instance that references the same internal XML node as the caller.


  • Fixed problem where certain XMP’s were not recognized within JPG files.
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