Chilkat C++ Libs – Link and Maintain Single EXE?


I am developing a single EXE in C++ that doesn’t make use of any external libraries and including MFC. Can I add your zip libaries to my application and still maintain the application as a single EXE?


Yes, the Chilkat C++ libs may be linked directly into your application.  This results in a single EXE containing the Chilkat library code required to satisfy all direct and indirect references.  (The linker includes only the code needed to resolve all references.)  You may run your EXE on any computer because the licensing is royalty-free.  Internally, Chilkat does not use or reference MFC.   (Note: MFC applications may still use the Chilkat libs.  The point is this: if your application does not use MFC, then linking with Chilkat will not cause MFC to be “pulled-into” your EXE.)

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