Chilkat v9.3.2 Release Notes

The release notes (below) detail the changes, fixes, new features, etc. regarding version 9.3.2.

  1. (C / C++) Unicode (wchar_t) versions of the Chilkat “C” API and the Chilkat C++ classes are now fully available.  The wchar_t C++ classes have the same name as the utf-8/ANSI multibyte classes, but with “W” added to class name.  For example: “CkSshW”.    The wchar_t “C” functions include a “W” in the function name.  For example:  “CkImapW_Login”.

    Unicode C++ Reference Documentation
    Unicode C++ Examples
    Unicode C Reference Documentation
    Unicode C Examples

  2. (Delphi) A Delphi functional DLL (not ActiveX) has been added.  It will become available soon.

    Delphi DLL Reference Documentation
    Delphi DLL Examples

  3. Embedded C/C++ (ARMv7, ARMv6) libs added.  The download will become available soon.
  4. (Zip) QuickAppend method fixed to maintain zip comments if present.
  5. (HTTP) NTLM authentication error “TYPE2 message is not long enough” has been fixed.
  6. (FTP2, IMAP, POP3, SMTP) Added new ProgressInfo events for raw commands and responses.  The ProgressInfo event is a general event with two arguments: name and value.  The name identifies the event, and the value contains information about the event, which in this case is the exact raw command and response.  For raw “command sent” events, the ProgressInfo name argument will contain:  “FtpCmdSent”, “ImapCmdSent”, “PopCmdSent”, or “SmtpCmdSent”.  For raw “response received” events, the ProgressInfo name argument will contain “FtpCmdResp”, “ImapCmdResp”, “PopCmdResp”, or “SmtpCmdResp”.
  7. (Event Callbacks) Added ProgressInfo event callbacks for all ActiveX, .NET, Objective-C, and C++ event classes/interfaces where ProgressInfo was missing.  The ProgressInfo event has two arguments: name and value.  The name argument identifies the event, and the value argument provides information, if needed.  For example, any Chilkat class/object involving TCP socket communications can receive a “SocketConnect” ProgressInfo event when initiating a connection, and a “SocketConnected” event when the connect completes.  The value in this case contains the hostname:port.   Unfortunately, at this time there is not a definitive list of all possible ProgressInfo events.
  8. (C++ for IOS/Cocoa) There were issues if a C++ app for IOS/Cocoa was not compiled with “CK_COCOA” defined.  The need to define “CK_COCOA” has been removed.  A C++ app for Mac OS X does not require any special preprocessor definitions.
  9. (Email object) Added the FindIssuer method to the email object to allow for signing certs in the chain auth to be retrieved.
  10. (HTTP) Added the Http.S3Ssl property to allow for Amazon S3 communications over SSL/TLS.
  11. (C++ CkByteData) The CkByteData::append(void *, int) overload method name changed to “append2”.
  12. (PKCS7 decryption)  PKCS7 decryption using RSA-OAEP now supported.  This applies to any Chilkat class/component where PKCS7 decryption might occur, such as with Crypt2, MIME, Email, etc.
  13. (IMAP ActiveX)  Some email object properties, such as ReceivedSigned, were not getting set correctly when fetching email.  This problem only occurred w/ the ActiveX build of Chilkat IMAP.
  14. (All)  iso-2022-jp — Correctly handles single-byte 0x0E / 0x0F Shift-IN/Shift-OUT sequences for single-byte Kana.
  15. (HTTP ) Fixed “HTTP Error 411 Length required” problem with NTLM using POST’s.
  16. (All) Added HttpProxyDomain property to Socket, HTTP, IMAP, MailMan, SFTP, SSH, SshTunnel.    This provides the  ability to set the NTLM authentication domain if the HTTP proxy server uses NTLM authentication and requires a domain to be specified.
  17. (POP3) Mailman.GetUidls could fail in some rare cases.  This has been fixed.
  18. (CkSettings)  Added the m_utf8 boolean (default is false).  If set to true, then all Chilkat C++ objects will by default use utf-8 instead of ANSI.  This means that all “const char *” strings returned by a Chilkat method will be utf-8, and all  “const char *” arguments are expected to be utf-8.    (Each instance of a Chilkat object can still be explicitly set to use utf-8 or ANSI via the “Utf8” property.  The CkSettings::m_utf8 data member simply controls the default value of the Utf8 property.)
  19. (Java) Fixed “const char *” string returns for objects returned from Chilkat method calls.    For example, when a Chilkat method returns a new instance of a Chilkat object, then that new object would not correctly return utf-8 strings.  (Java strings are always utf-8)
  20. (SFTP)  The ForceV3 property will now default to true because it eliminates many problems with various servers that have problems with SFTP v4 and above.
  21. (Windows-only CSP)  The CSP methods having names beginning with “Get…” are renamed to “Nth…”.

    bool NthKeyContainerName(long index, CkString &outName);
    long NthSignatureNumBits(long index);
    bool NthSignatureAlgorithm(long index, CkString &outName);
    long NthKeyExchangeNumBits(long index);
    bool NthKeyExchangeAlgorithm(long index, CkString &outName);
    long NthHashNumBits(long index);
    bool NthHashAlgorithmName(long index, CkString &outName);
    long NthEncryptionNumBits(long index);
    bool NthEncryptionAlgorithm(long index, CkString &outName);

  22. (SshTunnel) Added the IdleTimeoutMs property.
  23. (MailMan) Fixed LastSmtpStatus, which was not correctly set in some cases.
  24. (SshTunnel) Changed default MaxPacketSize from 32768 to 4096.
  25. (Zip) No-compress extensions are now recognized for “data” entries (created by AppendData)
  26. (HTML-to-XML) Fixed issue where “&” was converted to “&”
  27. (HTTP) ProxyPartialUrl property removed because it is not needed.
  28. (C++ CkString/CkByteData) Added wchar_t versions for methods involving “const char *” as arguments or return values.
  29. (FTP2)  The Ftp2.*ByName methods for getting file information (such as GetLastModifiedTimeByName) are such that the remote  filename should not include a path. It should be that the current remote directory is set to the directory where the file exists.
  30. (SSL/TLS) For SSL/TLS connections involving a client-side certificate, a fix was made to ensure that the client-certs are placed in the correct order during the SSL/TLS handshake.  (An incorrect order can result in the server rejecting the certs with a “bad certificate” alert.)
  31. (FTP2) For some servers, the NumFilesAndDirs would return -1 for empty directory listings.  This has been fixed.
  32. (IMAP) The backslash and double-quote chars are now handled correctly if they appear in an IMAP password.
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