(FTPS) 530 No client certificate presented.

If this FTP server response is seen in the LastErrorText, it means that the SSL/TLS connection requires a client-side certificate with private key.   Prior to connecting, the client-side certificate should be specified by calling the SetSslClientCert, or SetSslClientCertPfx.  Make sure to check the return value of these methods for success/failure.  If the SetSslClientCert* method fails, then no client-side certificate has been set, and the Chilkat SSL/TLS handshake implementation will send a 0-length client-side certificate, which is the correct response for servers that request a client-side cert but don’t actually require it.

If the certificate object passed to SetSslClientCert is a pre-installed certificate on the Windows operating system, then make sure it was installed from the PFX such that the private key is exportable.  Chilkat’s SSL/TLS handshake code needs access to the client-side private key when a client-side cert is required.

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