How Chilkat .NET Framework is different than Chilkat .NET Core

The architecture of the Chilkat .NET Core assembly is different than that for the .NET Framework
in the following ways.

Chilkat for .NET Framework

  • Downloaded from
  • can alternatively be used directly from NuGet: such as
  • The assembly DLL is a mixed-mode assembly, which means the outer layer is managed, but the inner core is native code. This prevents the ability to statically link, and thus there is a dependency on a VC++ runtime redist library, which is VC2008 by default, but Chilkat also has an alternative built with VC2017.

Chilkat for .NET Core

  • Can only be used from NuGet, such as
  • The Chilkat .NET Core assembly is fully managed, but has a dependency on the ChilkatNativeLib, also on NuGet at
  • In your Visual Studio project, when you add the reference to the Chilkat .NET Core package, it should automatically the reference to the ChilkatNativeLib.
  • The ChilkatNativeLib is basically just a “C” library with exported functions, so it was produced by linking statically, and thus there is no dependency on VC++ runtime redist.
  • Therefore, the Chilkat .NET Core assembly is fully self-contained in that it’s composed of the fully managed assembly + a reference to ChilkatNativeLib which was statically linked and has no dependencies.