LastErrorText Standard Information

All Chilkat classes / components use a property named LastErrorText.  It provides a way to get detailed information about what happened during any Chilkat method call.  The LastErrorText will contain information even when the method call is successful.

In almost every case, the LastErrorText will begin with information such as this:

    DllDate: Nov 14 2021
    UnlockPrefix: ****
    Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: ****
    VerboseLogging: 1

When contacting Chilkat support ( you will probably be asked to provide the contents of the LastErrorText property. The information at the beginning of the LastErrorText is important. Here are the details:

DllDate, ChilkatVersion: Tells Chilkat support how old of a version of the Chilkat component/library is being used. In most cases, if the DllDate is old, you will be asked to try the latest released version. The reason is that most problem reports are already fixed in the latest version (especially if the DllDate is old) and the information in LastErrorText is always improving. It’s best to begin investigating a problem by using the latest version.

Also, Chilkat may provide a new build and ask the customer to re-test. In a surprisingly large percentage of cases (especially when using the ActiveX or .NET components), the customer does not actually use the new build and re-test using the same old-version. The DllDate allows Chilkat support to know if the customer is really testing with the new build.

UnlockPrefix: Provides Chilkat support with licensing information. Make sure to use the unlock code from your most recent purchase or renewal.

Architecture: Tells us the endianness (byte ordering) and address size (32-bit or 64-bit) of the process. (On Windows, 64-bit computers can run both 32-bit and 64-bit programs.)

VerboseLogging: Indicates whether verbose logging is on or off. Most Chilkat classes have a VerboseLogging property that can be turned on to get more detailed information in LastErrorText.

Also.. the first line after the opening “ChilkatLog” will be the name of the method call. In the sample above, it can be seen that “Decrypt” was the method call. Make sure you get the LastErrorText for the correct object instance AND method call. Calling another method on the same object instance will replace the contents of the LastErrorText property.

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