Not yet connected to web server. Need to establish connection.

You may see the following message in the Chilkat HTTP component’s LastErrorText property:

“Not yet connected to web server. Need to establish connection.”

The presence of content in LastErrorText does not indicate an error.  Errors are generally indicated by either false/0 return values, or NULL reference return values.  The LastErrorText (or LastErrorHtml / LastErrorXml) will contain information about what transpired during the method call.  In this case, the “Not yet connected…” message is simply indicating that the component does not yet have an active connection to the HTTP server and will need to establish one for the HTTP request.  The Chilkat HTTP component automatically keeps connections to the HTTP server open so that subsequent requests to the same server may use an already open connection.  The pool of open connections is managed on a least-recently used basis.  When the max number of open connections is reached, the least recently used connection is closed if a new connection to a new server needs to be made.

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