PHP Script for Downloading, Installing, and Testing Chilkat

Here is a bash shell script for downloading, unpacking, installing, and testing the 64-bit PHP 7.4 extension for Chilkat.

1) It assumes PHP 7.4 was installed to $HOME/phps/php74.
2) This example is downloading Chilkat version (change the wget URL to the latest version)

export PATH=$HOME/phps/php74/bin:$PATH

php -v

if [ ! -d testing ]; then
	mkdir testing
cd testing
if [ ! -d php74 ]; then
	mkdir php74
cd php74
rm -f *.tar.gz

tar xzf chilkat*.tar.gz

cd chilkat*linux

cp $HOME/phps/php74/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20190902/

php test.php
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