Sending Emails with Large Attachments


I have downloaded the Chilkat Email component for POP3/SMTP.  When I tried to send email by attaching a file of size of  2 MB,  the email is not been sent.  Could you please let me know how I can send large size attachments using the Chilkat component?


There is no limitation in the Chilkat Email component.  It can send emails with attachments of any size.  The limitation is most likely in the SMTP server, or in the receiving mail server (not accepting emails larger than a certain size).  I would recommend examining the contents of the mailman.LastErrorText property after calling SendEmail (or after calling whichever method is used to send the email).  If everything looks OK and the SendEmail was successful, then check your SMTP server logs.  If all seems OK there, then it may be a limitation in the destination (recipient) mail server, or perhaps a size limitation set for the recipients email account.