Debugging an HTTP Form Login

This is a summary of the steps I’m taking to debug the following problem: I am trying to login using Chilkat HTTP to this site: Startseite and after the login, there is a 302 redirect. After the redirect, the session is lost. I believe it could be another cookie related issue. 1. Make sure I’m using the very latest version […]

HTTP Session Logging

This example demonstrates how to use the new Chilkat HTTP SessionLogFilename property to log exact HTTP requests and responses to a file.  This can help in debugging… ASP: HTTP Session Logging SQL Server: HTTP Session Logging C#: HTTP Session Logging C++: HTTP Session Logging MFC: HTTP Session Logging C: HTTP Session Logging Delphi: HTTP Session Logging Visual FoxPro: HTTP Session […]

HTTP Cache-Control

Question: Using the HTTP component I’m connecting and downloading an RSS feed via a Proxy server (fantastic!!). Trouble is – the proxy is caching yesterday’s feed and I need to force the proxy to refresh it’s contents (that’s the proxy on my network – not the Chilkat local cache). How can I tel the HTTP component to force the proxy […]

SMTP over HTTP Proxy

ASP: SMTP using HTTP Proxy SQL Server: SMTP using HTTP Proxy C#: SMTP using HTTP Proxy C++: SMTP using HTTP Proxy MFC: SMTP using HTTP Proxy C: SMTP using HTTP Proxy Delphi: SMTP using HTTP Proxy Visual FoxPro: SMTP using HTTP Proxy Java: SMTP using HTTP Proxy Perl: SMTP using HTTP Proxy PHP: SMTP using HTTP Proxy Python: SMTP using […]

POP3 over HTTP Proxy

ASP: POP3 using HTTP Proxy SQL Server: POP3 using HTTP Proxy C#: POP3 using HTTP Proxy C++: POP3 using HTTP Proxy MFC: POP3 using HTTP Proxy C: POP3 using HTTP Proxy Delphi: POP3 using HTTP Proxy Visual FoxPro: POP3 using HTTP Proxy Java: POP3 using HTTP Proxy Perl: POP3 using HTTP Proxy PHP: POP3 using HTTP Proxy Python: POP3 using […]

HTTP Progress Monitoring in C++

This blog post shows how to monitor the progress of HTTP uploads and downloads in C++.  The first step is to create a C++ callback class that derives from the CkHttpProgress base class.  You’ll be overriding one or more of the callback methods.  For example: class MyHttpProgress : public CkHttpProgress { public: MyHttpProgress(void) { } virtual ~MyHttpProgress(void) { } void […]

VB.NET HTTP Download with percent-done progress monitoring

Here is an example: Dim WithEvents http As Chilkat.Http Private Sub http_OnPercentDone(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As Chilkat.PercentDoneEventArgs) Handles http.OnPercentDone ProgressBar1.Value = args.PercentDone End Sub Private Sub HttpDownloadTest() http = New Chilkat.Http() Dim success As Boolean ‘ Any string unlocks the component for the 1st 30-days. success = http.UnlockComponent(“Anything for 30-day trial”) If (success True) Then MsgBox(http.LastErrorText) Exit Sub […]

Forcing Web Server to Deliver Fresh (Non-Cached) Response

To force a web server to send a fresh copy (not a cached copy) of the requested document, add a “Pragma: non-cache” HTTP header to the request. If sending a HTTP GET request via these methods: QuickGet, QuickGetStr, Download, etc., then add the Pragma header by calling httpObject.SetRequestHeader(“Pragma”,”no-cache”) prior to sending the GET. If the Chilkat HTTP Request object is […]

FTP Upload Files to Web Server?

Question: We are trying out the FTP2 ActiveX component for ASP. What we need to do is have people be able to upload files to the web server over the Internet. Is this component able to do this – or can it only FTP files that are already on the web server? Answer: This is a common question. The need […]