Fix for Spain FacturaE Signature Online Example

A Chilkat user graciously reported an error in the example at “I use it to sign TicketBAI XML files and FacturaE in Spain. I noticed that the FacturaE signatures weren’t validating properly on some government websites with an error something like “the signature is not a correct xades signature”. The namespace “etsi” was replaced with “xades” in the following […]

XML Signature Id attribute

In Chilkat v9.5.0.90, the Id attribute is automatically generated and added to the “Signature” tag when an XML digital signature is created.  This results in a Signature that begins like this: <Signature xmlns=”” Id=”signature-1502-9002-7096-7873″> Why did Chilkat do this?  It is because if you or somebody else wishes to subsequently add an Encapsulated Timestamp to the signature, then the Id […]

Chilkat 3-Feb-2022 – ebXML Message Signing and Verification

1. Chilkat fixed XML signature generation and verification for ebXML Messages.  These are messages using the following Transform: <Transform Algorithm=”″> <XPath> not(ancestor-or-self::()[@SOAP:actor=”urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:actor:nextMSH”] | ancestor-or-self::()[@SOAP:actor=””] ) </XPath> </Transform> 2. Updated Chilkat.Pdf to be able to sign a PDF with an image-only appearance (no text).   An example on the site will be forthcoming. 3. Working out issues with the CryptoCard Graphite […]

Online XML Digital Signature Validators

Chilkat’s Online XML Signature Validator: FacturaE online validator: ETSI Signature Conformance Checker (requires credentials) Validate UBL: UBL 2.1 e-Invoice Validation: FatturaPA ( ADSS Signing Server: hacienda (Costa Rica) XML Validator: RTR Signatur-Prüfung ICP-Brasil Weryfikacja Podpisu Elektronicznego I don’t trust this validator. Change the signed XML document to deliberately introduce errors and […]