v9.4.1 XML .NET SearchForTag Bug and Workaround

A bug affecting the .NET (C# and VB.NET) implementations of the Chilkat.Xml.Search* methods was introduced in v9.4.1.  The problem has to do with passing a null (in C#) or Nothing (in VB.NET) for the first argument in the Chilkat.Xml.Search* methods.  Passing a null  should be a valid and common practice — it means to begin searching at the root node of the XML document.

In v9.4.1, the null is incorrectly seen as an input error and the Xml.Search* method immediately returns a failed status.  The solution is to pass a reference to the root node of the XML document.  For example:

Chilkat.Xml xmlFound = xmlRoot.SearchForTag(xmlRoot,"xyz");


Chilkat.Xml xmlFound = xmlSomeNode.SearchForTag(xmlSomeNode.GetRoot(),"xyz");