XML Methods Ending in “2” (GetRoot2, GetChild2, GetParent2, NextSibling2, …)

A Chilkat XML object represents a single node within an XML document. The “root” is the topmost node in the XML document tree. As long as at least a single reference to a node (anywhere in the tree) exists, the entire XML tree remains in memory.

Typically, an XML API returns a new node object when navigating. Chilkat XML does this also. For example:

// Get the 1st child:
Chilkat.Xml childNode = xmlDoc.GetChild(0);

For efficiency, Chilkat provides alternate methods such that instead of returning a new object, the internal pointer of the Chilkat XML object is updated. This can vastly reduce the proliferation of objects that might need to be allocated/deallocated or garbage collected. For example:

// xmlDoc now references the  1st child.
// xmlDoc is now back to where it began.
// Regardless of the location of an XML object in the tree,
// you may always return to the document root like this:
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