Chilkat v9.5.0.71 Release Notes

The v9.5.0.70 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.70 Release Notes

v9.5.0.71 Release Notes:

  • FileAccess Added the GetFileTime method to get the last-modified, created, or last-access file date/time.
  • Email Automatically fixes FROM email addresses to prevent email spoofing as described at
  • FileAcccess If FileSize() returns -1 (failed), then the LastMethodSuccess property was not properly set. (The LastMethodSuccess is a property common to Chilkat classes that is automatically set when any method that returns an integer, string, or object is called.)
  • WebSocket Fixed so that if corrupt data is received (i.e. bytes that do not conform to the WebSocket framing protocol), then the connection is closed as per the WebSocket standard.
  • OAEP Added the OapeMgfHash property to the Email, Crypt2, Mime, and Rsa classes.
  • XmlDSigGen Added support for XML canonicalization WithComments algorithms.
  • StreamConnector/Crypt2 Fixed Crypt2.DecryptStream for cases in .NET when a StreamConnector is used.
  • AuthAws Fixed AWS authentication for Amazon SES.
  • Jwe Fixed problem with RSA-OAEP-256. Also added support for RSA-OAEP-384 and RSA-OAEP-512
  • Rest Added the ConnectTimeoutMs property.
  • MailMan Added the LogMailReceivedFilename property to log a POP3 conversation to a file in real-time.
  • PHP Added thread-safe builds for PHP 7.2 (as opposed to only supporting NTS builds).
  • SFTP Added the XferByteCount property to allow for applications to access the current upload or download transfer byte count for ongoing asynchronous transfers.
  • SSH/SFTP Added the ServerIdentifier property.
  • Csv Added property EnableQuotes such if set to False/0, causes the parser to not treat double-quotes chars as special.
  • C++ Builder Added a build for C++ Builder 10, which includes a build for the 32-bit clang library.
  • Jwe Fixed to internally restrict IV’s to 96 bits as standards dictate.
  • Node.js Added builds for Node.js 9.*.*
  • Dkim Added methods that use BinData. Deprecated methods that use byte arrays or CkByteData.
  • StringBuilder Added methods for punycode.
  • Ruby Added builds for Ruby 2.5.*
  • OpenSSL Decrypt Added feature to be able to decrypt files encrypted using an openssl command such as “openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -in hamlet.xml -out hamlet.enc -pass file:./secret.txt”. See
  • CkHashtable Fixed crash bug in the AddFromXmlSb method.
  • Email Added a method named ApplyFixups. (Read more about it in the online reference documentation.)
  • SshKey Added support for the EC key format used by openssl. (No coding changes required, Chilkat automatically recognizes the key format when loading/parsing.)
  • FileAccess Fixed issues with TreeDelete: (1) It returned false when it actually succeeded, and (2) it failed to delete read-only files.
  • SecureString Added the SecureString class to help keep passwords encrypted in memory.
  • Crypt2 Added the DecryptSecureENC and EncryptSecureENC methods.
  • Imap Added the LoginSecure method.
  • MailMan Added the SetPassword method (to set the password using a SecureString rather than just setting the Password property).
  • Ssh, SFtp, SshTunnel Added AuthenticateSecPw and AuthenticateSecPwPk methods.
  • Http Added the SetPassword method so that a password may be set via a SecureString.
  • Rest Added the SetAuthBasicSecure method.
  • SFtp Added the following methods: SymLink,HardLink, ReadLink, and FSync.
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