Chilkat 9.0.8 Release Notes

The following changes, fixes, and new features are available in version 9.0.8. General Fixed iso-2022-jp issues with converting to/from the iso-2022-jp character encoding. General performance improvements Added AutoFix property to POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and FTP2. If on, then the component will auto-fix property setting mistakes related to port numbers and SSL/TLS. For example, well known ports 465, 990, 995, and […]

How to Add Comment to a Zip Entry?

Question: How do I go about adding text to the entry.comment field while zipping individual files? Answer: After appending files via the AppendFiles (or other append methods), you’ll have a zip object with N entries, each of which is a reference to a file that will be zipped when WriteZip is called (or WriteZipAndClose, or WriteExe, etc.). You can then […]

Understanding BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

When an email is sent with BCC recipients, the BCC email addresses are not listed in the header.   The “To” recipients are listed in the “To” header field, and the “CC” recipients are listed in the “CC” header field, but the BCC recipients are intentionally left out.  This is what makes it a “blind” carbon copy — the recipients are […]

Appending to an email body

Here is a C# example to append more text to an email’s body: Chilkat.Email email = new Chilkat.Email(); bool success = email.LoadEml(“in.eml”); if (!success) { textBox1.Text = email.LastErrorText; return; } // Does this email have a plain-text body? if (email.HasPlainTextBody()) { string s = email.GetPlainTextBody(); s += “\r\nMore text appended to the email’s plain-text body.”; // Replace the plain-text body: […]

IMAP: Select Public Folders

Question: How can I access Public Folders in IMAP? This does not work: imap.SelectMailbox(“Public Folders”) Answer: The syntax in Outlook may be different than what is actually used in the underlying IMAP protocol. For example, in Outlook you may see “public folders\all public folders\test”, but you would instead use: imap.SelectMailbox(“public folders/test”)

Java Create Signature / Chilkat Verify Interoperability

The following Java code produces a digital signature that can be verified using Chilkat RSA.  Links to the Chilkat signature verification examples follow this code.  The Java signature creation code does not use Chilkat to produce the digital signature.  It also demonstrates how to save a generated key (public and private) to DER files that can be used with Chilkat […]

Determining FTP2 Connection Settings

There are many FTP2 component properties that affect how data connections are established between the FTP client (Chilkat FTP2) and the FTP server. Finding a workable combination of property settings for a given client/server situation can be difficult.  This blog post can hopefully provide some guidance. Before beginning, it is crucial to understand one basic thing about the FTP protocol: […]

Encryption Progress Monitoring

Question: Is there a way to encrypt a file with progress monitoring?  Huge files can take a while and it seems like the app is hanging. Answer: Yes, here is the sample VB6 code: Public WithEvents myCrypt As ChilkatCrypt2 ‘ …. Private Sub myCrypt_PercentDone(ByVal pctDone As Long) ProgressBar1.Value = pctDone End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() Set myCrypt = New ChilkatCrypt2 […]

Email Attachment Not Found?

The following is a list of the most common mistakes made when expecting to find an attachment in an email object: You downloaded headers-only.  If you call a method to download only the headers of an email, then the attachments will not be included.  With IMAP you will still get information about the attachments, but with POP3 you will not […]

Modify Email on IMAP Server?

Question: Is it possible to change the Subject of an IMAP email? Answer: The IMAP protocol is such that emails (on the server) cannot be changed. This is not a Chilkat limitation, but it is the way IMAP works. In other words, if you want to change an email, you can download it, make changes, then “append” the new email […]