Chilkat 9.1.1 Release Notes

Socket: Added the ReceivedCount property. It always increases to reflect the number of bytes received via any method. It may be reset to 0 by the application at any point. HTTP: Changed ClearEventLog method name to ClearBgEventLog MailMan: Changed default values of MailMan.EmbedCertChain and MailMan.IncludeRootCert to True (or 1 for ActiveX). Spider: Changed CkSpider::GetDomain(url) to CkSpider::GetUrlDomain(url) to avoid conflict with […]

Download SFTP Files Indirectly through a Web Site

Question: I am doing a project that requires a web site to list files from an SFTP server and allow the visitor to download them.  Following the examples on your site, it was very easy to list the files.  However, you have no example of downloading a file to the user, only to the local filesystem.  Do you have any […]

How to tell if Data is AES Encrypted Data?

Question: I really like your component but there’s one problem with Crypt2. Is there anyway to verify if the file is encrypted before decrypt? I’m asking this question is because if I try to decrypt an unencrypted file, that file will be corrupted. Answer: The output of any Chilkat Crypt2 method that does symmetric encryption (AES, Blowfish, Triple-DES, etc.) is […]

About Self-Extracting EXE’s

A few issues relating to self-extracting EXE’s are explained here: The Purpose of a Self-Extracting EXE The purpose of a self-extracting EXE is to provide something that will extract/unpackage files such that no other software is required to be installed on the computer where it is run. Common archive file formats, such as .zip, .tar, etc., all require some sort […]

Perl: undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr

Question: I try to install the Chilkat Perl library into my Linux but I get this error: “/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/ undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr” Answer: The Chilkat library is supports multi-threading, so when building Perl one must use the “Multi-Threading” option.